Good Vibes

The people have a mind of their own and do not allways think the same as we are.

We are also not responsible for the actions that other people take.

Do not blame yourself for the stuff that the people you teach do wrong,

They have chosen to do so or they cannot see the light/positiveness.

It's there task to do the right thing with it.

When you are not the driver then you are not the fault that the car crashes or make accidents.

It's there own fault if they do not want to see that it is not good to drive like a idiot.

Yu can only give them advise and tell them they should not do it like that.

It is also you, who connect to the same frequency in brain by thinking or forming pictures in your head.

If you for example show other people that you have bad thinking or fear, then you will connect to people that have the same interest.

The most difficult is to not think at all and live without fear, be yourself.

Just know and be in balance with the world around you , accept and have a clear brain without any trains of thought.

This will allow you to get out of the circle of thoughts and people.

Only then you will be able to connect to the higher consiousness.

Your live will change and no longer driven by logic, feelings, prejudices and what not, but by knowing and the force from above.

What you send out is what is reflected back to you. Find your real path in live and follow it, then you will find true happiness and answers to all the questions you have that reside within yourself.